Frequently Asked Questions

Registration                    What is Club Soccer


To register with Scorpions Soccer Club, everyone must: 

Register Online (more information below)

  • To register for 2013-2014 please use the link sent to you by your coach.
  • If you have any questions, please contact SSC Registrar Lisa Readon at lisa@scorpionssc.com.   


  • When you register online, you have the option of paying by credit card or e-check.
  • 2013-14 Players’ Fees vary by team, please see your contract for your player’s 2013-2014 fee.

  • If you have any questions, please contact SSC Treasurer Cindy Sweeney at cindy@scorpionssc.com.   


Provide small color photo, a copy of birth certificate, and medical release form to team manager. 

  • The photo is time sensitive.  Once you register online the club Registrar will create a passcard.  The photo needs to be attached to the passcard and then signed by the league registrar.  As soon as that happens the player can play in games.
  • The birth certificate and medical release are needed by the manager but are not as time sensitive.  They are usually just needed for tournaments. 

  • You can obtain a blank medical release form here: Medical Release. 

  • Make sure that the coach and manager have your email address(es) on their team email lists. 

  • Get the practice and game schedule from your team manager(s).  The team manager can tell you what tournaments the team is planning on attending.  
  • Most teams keep a contact list that includes parents’ names, numbers and email addresses.  Provide that to the team manager if you are asked for it.


Q1. What is ’club’ soccer?

  • Answer: Club soccer is an association of players for the purpose of playing competitive soccer.  Club soccer teammates can live in different towns and cities.  There are no geographic limitations except that 50% of a team must be from Massachusetts.  There are well over 100 youth soccer clubs in Massachusetts.

Q2.  How often do teams practice?

  • Answer: That depends on the coach.  Our teams have a goal of twice a week during spring and fall and twice a week indoors during the winter.  That ideal usually works out to an average of 2 times a week spring and fall and twice a week during the winter and summer.

Q3.  Who trains them?

  • Answer: Scorpions Soccer hires experienced and qualified team coaches to train players, and all are hired based on their superior ability with youngsters.

Q4.  Can I still play with my town team?

  • Answer: Yes.

Q5.  Will I have to quit my other activities?

  • Answer: No.  We make it a priority to arrange practices conveniently.  If there are conflicts they tend to work out.  If you miss practice occasionally because of a scheduling conflict we know that you will be there when you can because we are going to make it enjoyable.  You do have to take your commitment to the club seriously and be at practice with your teammates as often as possible.

Q6.  Is the league too competitive?

  • Answer: No.

Q7.  Is there a lot of traveling?

  • Answer: It depends.  There are an average of 7 league away games per year plus tournaments.  You can count on a few ’Sunday drives’ but most of the games are relatively local.  As the teams get older and need to travel to find a competitive tournament the chance for travel increases somewhat.  Some of the stronger teams in the club must travel substantially to seek competition.

Q8.  What is the commitment for U10 and younger?

  • Answer: Our U7-U10 developmental groups are informal.  We teach the players fundamental skill and let them play a lot.  We try to instill a love and a passion for the game.  Attendance is not required we believe that the players who love the game will WANT to come.

Q9.  What might a typical club soccer year look like?

  • Answer: Competitive (not U-10) teams might have a year that looked something like this:  
    • July, Club camp (optional for all players U14 and younger)
    • Team camp in late July or early August
    • 1-2 weekly training sessions beginning in late July, early August
    • 9 game fall season practice 2 times per week
    • Columbus Day Tournament
    • 12-13 weeks (several opportunities per week) indoor training
    • 7 game spring season practice 2 times per week
    • Memorial Day Tournament
    • State Cup TournamentAdditional outdoor tournaments (Coaches option)
  • Your yearly fee covers all of the above and additionally pays for field fees, coaching, patches to trade, equipment, club advertising and GK training.  Players pay for uniforms as needed.  There are no hidden costs.

Q10.  Where do the teams practice?

  • Answer: The club is working on a field and indoor facility project that will hopefully host all of our teams for many years.  In the meantime, most of the teams train exclusively in Braintree, though area fields and indoor facilities are sought at certain times of year.

Q11.  Why should we play for Scorpions instead of another club?

  • Answer: Good question!  Our track record is very good.  State champions, former players having gone on to captain teams at Virginia, Harvard, Penn State etc., more highly regarded teams than any other club by far, dozens of All-scholastic players, rarely does a Scorpion player not become the captain of their high school team.  We have produced two youth national team players; we currently have 40+ Mass Olympic Development Program players.  We give players their best chance at MAPLE Division 1.  The two most important reasons? Our players develop properly and efficiently and have a high level of enjoyment.

Q12.  Why play club soccer?

  • Answer: In addition to the fun players have they will be playing with and against very good players in the most challenging youth league in the state.  Players develop increased confidence and self esteem.  Players meet new friends.  Tight bonds and camaraderie develop.  They will be preparing for high school play and beyond.  Players who can compete in MAPLE will likely excel in high school play.  Scorpions’ coaches will pick up on player’s bad habits early and correct them before they become ingrained.  Scorpions’ players learn how to play the game correctly and have fun doing it.

Q13.  Don’t players get cut from club teams?

  • Answer: Yes.  We would rather face torture than cut one of our players.  We consider that to be a drastic step.  We would first make every effort to improve the player.  It doesn’t happen often.

Q14.  What if I am committed to another club already?

  • Answer: Feel free to talk to us at any time but the Scorpions will not entice a player from another club.  All clubs have tryouts in June. 

Q15.  Any other questions?

  • Answer: Call us.  Email us. 

Just introduce yourself and ask us.  
We will give you all the time that you need.

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